'' One of the most popular Decorative Lighting techniques that hundreds of couples and decorators have adored. ''

Vertical Lighting (Uplighting)

In a sense it is the opposite application of Spot Lighting where light beams are directed upwards from luminaires that have been placed on the ground. With this special technique we can achieve smooth scattering of light on large surfaces (such as walls, ceilings, curtains, awnings, columns, etc.) which otherwise would go unnoticed. Can be combined with other lighting applications (Spot Lighting, Environmental Lighting, etc.) for a complete result and complete transformation of the space.

Vertical Lighting also gives a more special character to the environmental lighting of the space due to its imposing. It can be applied with halogen lighting systems (for warm white light) or with LED technology floodlights for the alternation of different colors, forming a part of the overall lighting of the reception. It can be applied in open (outdoor) and indoor (indoor).

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